About Me

I have been DJing in Edinburgh for almost three years. I got into it when I started working as PR for a weekly night in my favourite club, after a few months the resident DJs taught me how to used CDJs and would ask me to cover occasional cigaret/toilet breaks. Since then I have been holding a few residencies (weekly and monthly) in various venues such as The Bongo Club and The Street Bar. I have also played at a few festivals outside Edinburgh, including The Beat Herder Festival (2016 and 2017) and The Psychedelic Forest Disco (May 2017, held at The Kelburn Garden Estate) alongside Hot Chip, Horse Meat Disco and XXXY. Last December I supported Greg Wilson for his gig in Edinburgh (Nightvision). I currently still play in many clubs and bars around town most Fridays and Saturdays for different clubnights, sometimes as resident, sometimes as a guest DJ, with occasional gigs during the week.

I play funk infused, soulful music, mainly house and disco (edits, remixes, originals, old and contemporary).


My Goals

I realised about a year ago that what had started as a hobby in 2015 was becoming something more professional. I was just starting to get gigs every weekend, and the more I played, the more I was enjoying DJing. It is a passion that still grows every day, and it has now become my main occupation. As I mentioned in the previous section, I am booked most Fridays and Saturdays in Edinburgh ; nevertheless I have never played in another city, therefore being involved in this programme would give me the opportunity to expand my network and meet DJs and promoters from other cities/countries. As much as I like the various venues and gigs I play in Edinburgh, I would like to play to a another crowd with a different background : my goal is to spread the music that makes me vibrate and share it with as many people as possible!

Moreover having the chance to be mentored by professional DJs/Producers as highly ranked and successful as the mentors involved in the SEM would be a very enriching experience. I would like to start producing in the near future, and getting professional advice and guidance would allow me to learn more about production and editing methods.

Most importantly being mentored would also mean that I would be getting advice on how to improve my skills. Being judged and helped by artists such as Artwork or The Black Madonna makes this programme a real challenge, and it would be an amazing opportunity to get feedback from experienced and talented people, it certainly would help me progress as a DJ/selector/producer.

I am very ambitious and would love if I could turn my passion into a career, and the SEM programme could open doors and take me places that I could not access by myself.

I would choose Artwork as a mentor because from all of the ambassadors he is the one who’s music selection I can relate to the most (I also really enjoyed the fact that he was playing with puppets during in Disco set recorded for DJ Mag last May). I think I could learn a lot from someone with his experience.