Catalina Poraicu

About Me

I’ve been DJ-ing for almost 3 years, with one year of club- playing experience. I started out playing at XOYO through my University’s electronic music society, and I have done this regularly now. I’ve also DJ-ed in a few places outside of London for small promoters. In January, I organised my own club night in London, called Electrogirls, which was all about promoting female-identifying and LGBT DJ’s. This was in order to give under-represented local DJ’s more opportunities to play in a club setting and to provide a safe space for women and LGBT clubbers. I hope to continue this in the future and be able to host inclusive parties more often.


My Goals

Firstly, I would highly appreciate getting technical advice from an expert in the music genres that I love, and apply these to my mixing. I am eager to learn more and keep developing my skills and techniques when it comes to DJ-ing. I am also looking for someone to help me navigate the DJ and electronic music world in a more administrative sense, as I can learn from their experience.

I am determined to be a part of the movement behind making music more inclusive and diverse. I want to use this experience as further motivation to organise my night, and take the skills I’ve learnt and apply them not only to my own future career, but to aid female DJ’s and encourage them.