Alice Gordon

The last couple of weeks have been a blast! Meeting The Black Madonna was such an awesome experience. She was so down to earth and taught me some really valuable things that I have been incorporating into my DJing and production immediately since, as well as giving me the completely mad experience of appearing on Radio 1 for the first time! One of the highlights for me was sharing the two days with fellow mentee Jaguar who I definitely plan to keep in touch with. Meeting women in the industry that you vibe with is really empowering and we wouldn’t have crossed paths in the same way if not for the SEM campaign. I feel inspired to create and I’m super excited to see what happens next!

About Me

I’ve always been musical, I was a trained vocalist up until my 20s and regularly performed in school bands and projects. I’ve been DJing for approximately 3 1/2 years and have been playing out in Bristol for the last 8 months or so. I regularly play in smaller venues, approx once or twice a month and last summer I played at Glastonbury, Farr Festival and Farmfest. I have a bi-monthly residency on Noods Radio (Garry Powders Darkest Hour) and a monthly residency on 10TwentyRadio (The ITT Show). I co-run a night called The ITT and am launching another night called Cue in May. I mostly mix vinyl but have recently started to play digitally as well, I think it’s important to be able to utilise all your options as a DJ. Production is something I have started playing around with more recently, I have been using Ableton on and off for around a year. I really enjoy it and am making progress towards creating something I feel will be ready to share with the world.


My Goals

I learnt to DJ by myself, behind closed doors. I started pretty late compared to my friends who DJ’d and so always felt embarrassed about learning in front of them. I can be a perfectionist and sometimes lack in confidence so I wanted to be instantly good at it – as you can imagine this wasn’t the case and so I squirrelled away for about a year and a half learning the basics of beat matching on vinyl. When I finally plucked up the courage to mix with friends I realised how much you learn from watching others and from DJing alongside them. I believe this is when I started to actually really get good at what I do. Looking back now I recognise that had I had some female role models or other girls in my group who did what I did I probably would have felt more comfortable much sooner. However, I didn’t discover the joy of mixing with other women until about a year ago. I took part in a Bristol Women In Music mix course, this involved female mentors taking you through six weeks of sessions finishing with a showcase at a local venue. At first I felt silly as I could already DJ and most of the other ladies on the course were beginners, but I was there to gain confidence and belief in myself, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment to do this in. The experience was revolutionary for me and has cemented the knowledge that guidance from people you can relate to whom you admire is extremely beneficial. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance I received in those few sessions.

Mostly I hope that the Sem programme will help me see what is necessary in getting to a level of professionalism that will allow me to DJ as my full time job and help me create the right goals to make that a reality. I understand the need to work hard, I try to practise everyday and if I’m not practising then I’m digging for new tunes or producing wherever possible around my current full time employment. I also understand the need to make myself known and put myself out there on my local scene. I try to go to as many events as possible, and support local DJs and promoters. I also regularly invite guests onto both my radio residencies as I recognise the importance in providing a platform for others whilst you yourself grow as a performer. With the determination I have to make this dream a reality, alongside my musical talent, I know I can achieve my goals. The opportunity to learn from any of the fantastic mentors taking part in this programme would be an honour. I know I would take away so much from this experience and it would help me carve my future career within music.

I hope you enjoy my mix, I have tried to summarise my sound as much as possible within 30 minutes.